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In addition to immediate care for non-critical injurie and illne e , NIRVAN SUPER SPECIALITY CLINIC provide inhou e X-ray ,ECG and Lab ervice in hou e for one- top convenience &nb p; Whether you need blood work, a foot, lung, che t, or other  X-ray, our quick diagno tic ervice en ure that you get the care you need, right when it’ needed, No appointment..
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Most people have eye problems at one time or another. Some are minor and will go away

&nb p; Mo t people have eye problem at one time or another Some are minor and will go away on their own, or are ea y to treat at home Other need a peciali t’ care Whether your vi ion i n’t what it u ed to be, or never wa that great, there are thing you can do to get your eye health back on track See if any of the e common problem ound familiar And alway check with a doctor if your ymptom are really bad or don’t clear up within a few day &nb p; We cover below treatment: &nb p; 1) Cataract (phacoemul ification) urgery 2) Oculopla ty ervice 3) Medical retina 4) Comprehen ive eye exam &nb p; Here’ a quick look at ome of the mo t common eye di ea e diagno ed and often treated by ophthalmologi t at    &nb p; NIRVAN SUPERSPECIALITY CLINIC “Eye di ea e ” i a blanket term that refer to a ho t of di ea e relating to the function of the eye Below we de cribe    ome of the more common type of eye di ea e and how they are..
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We also offer advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating the gynecologic conditions.

The ob tetrician /gynaecologi t at NIRVAN SUPERSPECIALITY CLINIC offer comprehen ive health care acro the female life pan Our clinic feature tate-of the art diagno tic facilitie , and our taff offer experti e in general gynecologic health care, infertility evaluation preconception coun eling, a well a normal and high ri k ob tetric &nb p; We al o offer advanced technique in diagno ing and treating the gynecologic condition li ted below We u e advanced technique including laparo copic urgery and gynecologic and ob tetric ultra ound &nb p; We cover all below ervice : &nb p; 1  Normal delivery and painle delivery 2  Cae arean ection 3 Hy terectomy 4 Total Laparo copic hy trectomy 5  Abortion ervice 6 Contraception ervice 7  Infertility ervice – Ba ic infertility evaluation,follicular monitoring,IUI, IVF 8 Mentrual problem management 9  Po tmenopau al care 10General Gynecology General gynecologic exam , procedure and..
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Anything that is concerned with muscles, ligaments and joints is considered orthopedic.

&nb p; Anything that i concerned with mu cle , ligament and joint i con idered orthopedic Di order are ailment , injurie or di ea e that cau e knee problem , whipla h, di located houlder, torn cartilage , foot pain and fibromyalgia The e are only a few of the known orthopedic di order There are a many treatment for orthopedic di order a there are problem and injurie in the mu cle , ligament and joint &nb p; We cover below treatment : &nb p; Mo t common Orthopedic Problem &nb p; 1 Fracture management 2 Arthro copy ( key hole urgery) 3 Sport medicine 4 Arthropla ty ( joint replacement ) 5 Spine related problem &nb p; There are o many orthopedic problem it i almo t impo ible to li t them There are a few, however di order and condition are common and you will probably experience one or everal of them at ome point in your life &nb p; Arthriti i a rheumatic di ea e that ha ymptom of pain, limited movement, welling and..
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Think of Nirvan superspeciality clinic,as a single doorway to your health care needs. From Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Internal medicine to specialist physicians and surgeons, The Nirvan team works together with one goal in mind: what’s right for you.



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